Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Raw Food Diet : Detox Symptoms Part 1

Detox symptoms are one of the most talked-about things in any raw food diet. Regardless of the respective school of philosophy, most raw food gurus have much to comment on the topic of detox symptoms.

Based on experiences about myself, newbies and veteran raw foodists whom I know, most had at some point of time in their raw lifehoods, went through detox periods. These can range from mild fatigue to full-blown colds/fevers.

The key to remember here is that no 2 people are alike, and there is no standard benchmark you should measure yourself against. Your body speaks to you! Always follow your instincts if you feel you are not well enough to carry on, and seek professional treatment if you feel the need to.

Of course if you have been eating totally raw and still experience detox synptoms after a year, it is not normal! You may be following the diet wrongly, or you could be eating the wrong foods.

For myself, even though I was eating mostly raw for 2 years, my detox synptoms came only 3 weeks after I turned 100% raw. The first 3 days of going 100% was already amazing for me with the following changes:

1) My mental fog lifted and I started to see the world as it is, not as what we have been conditioned to.

2) I felt so full of love for the nature, the eco-life, the animals and fellow human beings I see everywhere.

3) My skin glowed and my eyes cleared.

4) I was eating buckets of food everyday! And gained a little weight ;)

5) My energy level increased by about 50%.

These continued for the next 3 weeks. And then the big detox synptoms came. I felt really lethargic, tired, and suffered an intense cold which lasted a full week. I slept most of the time, drinking only blended soups because no food could make it through the mountain of ulcers in my mouth! I had fever too, and it was simply miserable!

But guess what - after that week, I had been flying till now! I dropped some weight during that sick period (for good!), and had an even more amazing list of experiences:

1) My energy levels shot through the roof! I was literally over the moon with joy because I could run & swim with almost double my speed and not feel tired. I'm usually back to shape the next day without aches or pains.

2) My mental focus sharpened greatly.

3) Intuition improved.

4) My hair started turning black after 4 months!

5) I'm constantly happy for no reason. And when I do get stressed at work, it does not get into me!

6) I need lesser sleep hours and get more work done!

You know what - I could go on for ages. To me, I got these experiences after my detox period and so I thought you may wish to hear about them too! Until today I'm still over the moon, or maybe even beyond the milky way :)

To read more, please refer to Raw Food Diet : Detox Synptoms Part 2

Join me and jump for joy today, because nothing beats being alive!
Love from Linda

(C) Copyright 2008, Linda Loo

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Breaking Fitness Records!

After the charity milk run some weeks back where I had amazingly completed 9.4km in an hour, I still was unable to accept the truth that my fitness had shot through the roof. And I wasn't even training at all!

Well actually, we were not running at our best. (By the way, we brisk walked from china town to the race starting point - which is about 1.5km approximately.) During the race, we were half running, half walking and making jokes with the race volunteers. And then halfway through, a young girl tripped and fell in front of us. My partner ran off to summon the medic, while I stayed to help.

All in all, I think the delay took about 5 - 7 mins. And I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my timing of 1 hour at the finishing line! I thought my watch was not working or something ;)

That night was a serious reflection time for me. I recalled the time when I was training furiously for a half-marathon 3 years ago. I used the word "furiously" because I had only 3 months to prepare for it, and I had never attempted running so long before.

I bought all the running books I could lay my hands on, diet, strength exercises, yoga (well, yoga did actually help by speeding up recovery), and signed up for online training guides (like the famous Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto. And, my timing for both the Singapore & Hong Kong marathons was 2 hours 40 mins & 2 hours 50 mins respectively.

I was doing interval, weights, and the step up trainings, in fact everything the experts were teaching. I also had aching joints, sore knees (which I resolved by taking calcium tablets) and sore ankles. Although i felt fitter and stronger, but the recovery days were long.

And now, 3 years older, I'm faster, lighter and younger. Life is good man!

Of course, I may not be among the best, and there are many more fit buffs like you gals & guys out there who are better than me. But the idea is not to compete against others; rather, a continuous challenge to myself to always be at my best, achieving my fullest potential. Now ain't it cool!

Are you living at your fullest right now, because nothing beats being alive.

Greens make me fly!

May all you who read this be full of abundance, love, joy, super stamina, youth and radiance :)

Linda Loo

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Store Wars!

Wasted is the Day without Laughter... Have you had yours today?

Enjoy! :)

Do You Microwave?

Are you one of the many who owns a microwave and appreciates its convenience? I was definitely one of them, being the busy executive who is always running short on time. At one point in my life, I was using the microwave oven to cook anything from packaged foods, pop corn, vegetables, meat and even warm drinks & soups. And man, I was definitely not in the best of shape then!

2 years ago, I read an article posted by a health forum user about his experiments on plants. He took 2 identical live potted plants, and watered them for 7 days using a) tap water from the tap, and b) tap water heated by a microwave oven and cooled. He then took pictures of the 2 plants, which looked shocking! The one watered with the microwave water died, shriveled and dark; while the one watered with normal tap water looked normal and alive.

Although I was unable to trace the authenticity of the article, it was enough to deter me from living off the microwave oven. After digging out various research reports on electromagnetic microwaves and how they affect our food, I gradually cut down my microwave oven usage. Then, last year when I conducted the water experiment on my own cactus, I threw out the microwave.

What disturbs me until today is that for every 6 friends I share this with, only 1 seems to have vaguely heard this before, but nonetheless still using his/her microwave oven; while the other 5 of them had never heard of it before. This is less than a 20% probability and it is not optimistic at all!

How Do Microwaves Cook Our Food?

Microwaves are a form of Electro-Magnetic Waves. These waves are used today in the technology of cell phones, television and satellite computer information. They are used to relay information via signals.

From what I had been able to gather from research, microwave ovens contain magnetrons which produce microwave radiation to interact with food molecules. These radiation causes food polar molecules to vibrate, and thus create molecular “friction” – which heats up the food from within. But at the same time, it causes substantial damage to the surrounding food molecules – either by shattering or deforming them.

This form of cooking is considered unnatural and have even been found to mutate some food molecules into carcinogens (which is cancer causing).

Along the way, I have also discovered some interesting facts:

1)Most of these research were undocumented and none of them had been formally approved officially either by FDA or government authorities.

2)The doctors & scientists involved in the research are either retired, self- employed, or had gotten into trouble before with the authorities at some point in time. A very good example is Dr Hans Ulrich Hertel. You can simply google his name and read more of his works.

3)Some established health sites which I visit frequently still has a “neutral” opinion on microwave ovens. And they are trusted, credible sites which I read for health information.

Well I guess they must have their reasons and stands for having that view. In order to get unbiased evidence, I simply use multiple sources for reading & research over the years.

For those of you who are intrigued by EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields) and how they can possibly affect us, here are 2 books which I’m sure can satisfy you:

1)Cross Currents: The Perils of ElectroPollution, The Promise of ElectroMedicine by Dr Robert O Becker

2)Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves by B Blake Levitt.

If you want free research, you can also get them from the internet. In fact, once you start to look for it, you can see the evidence everywhere! I have read enough over the past 2 years to know that microwaved foods are not good for me, and I want to be responsible for my own health.

Perhaps for a start, you can try to pay close attention to how foods taste when they are cooked using microwave ovens. And if you really must, then conduct an experiment on your plants. (Well not that I recommend it, but given a choice between you and your plants’ lives, I would choose yours for sure!)

And ever remember your mother’s comment that microwaved foods taste funny and unnatural? Perhaps some mothers do know best after all!

Of course, that also depends on where you stand currently. For a person who is living off fried foods, soda, alcohol and cigarettes, EMFs are probably not that dangerous at all, on a relative scale. But if you are someone like me who is concerned about long-term well-being and want to consistently be at my best, it is definitely a worthy concern.

Cheers to Your Abundance, Health & Joy!

© Copyright, 2008 Linda Loo

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raw For Life Video Clip

Enjoy! I was especially attracted by what the top athletes and trainers had to say. Because if eating this way makes them so outstanding and fit, I'm sure it can't be bad for me! ;)

Baby On Green Smoothie

This is one of those rare videos of crying babies, which makes me laugh!
If something tastes so good to a baby, who knows nothing better, ain't it gonna appeal to us too?